The Festival is run entirely by volunteers which is why we can offer it as a FREE event. Proceeds from souvenir sales and the raffle tickets  (available at Kilby & the Harrison Mills Halls) go directly back to the Society to put on the next year’s event.  Donations are always welcome with open-wings.

PARKING- Please use extreme caution driving in the festival region as there is quite a bit of traffic during the festival and the roads are narrow.

Parking is FREE in most areas (the ONLY exception is at Sandpiper Golf Resort see below)

NEW- The parking triangle at the 4-way stop on Morris Valley Road.
When you turn North on Morris Valley Road you will quickly arrive at the 4-way stop.  This area has been designated as a parking spot for the Festival Weekend (ONLY). There is a gravel path at the north end of the path that visitors can walk up to Sandpiper Golf Resort and Eagle Point viewing deck (unmanned).  The path runs parallel to the main road and is very flat and an easy stroll.

Distance to Sandpiper approx 800 meters (12 minutes)
Distance to Eaglepoint viewing deck approx 1.2 km (25 minutes)

Harrison Mills Hall: 1995 School Rd
parking is available at the Hall

Kilby Historic Site:  215 Kilby Road
Parking is available at the Site and along Kilby Road.

Kilby Provincial Park: End of Kilby Road
There is ample parking down at the park – Stretch your legs at the beach and take in the view

Inch Creek Hatchery: 38620 Bell Rd
Lots of parking at this location, no stress here.

Tapadera Estates: 14600 Morris Valley Road
This is a private gated community that opens its doors to welcome festival-goers during the Festival Weekend only.
Please watch for volunteers on where to park at this location.

Sandpiper Golf Resort: 14282 Morris Valley Rd
There is a $5 voucher cost to park on-site, the voucher can be used to purchase food or Sandpiper gifts from the pro-shop during the weekend. Please note this is not a Festival Charge

Fraser River Safari Boat Tours
There are a few select parking spots at the dead-end of the Kilby Road (that runs parallel to the train tracks(HINT: if you are not at the train tracks you are in the wrong spot)
Guests can also park at Kilby Historic Site and walk to the launch site>
Distance to launch site:  200 meters (6 minutes)