Biologist, conservationist, writer, publisher and lecturer, David Hancock, has spent most of his life studying west coast and arctic wildlife. He has published scientific and popular papers on whales, seals, seabirds, grouse and his specialty, the northern raptors.

Prior to starting Hancock House Publishing, David was a pilot and wildlife film producer specializing in native cultures as well as northern and coastal wildlife. His studies and travels have taken him to all continents of the world.

Currently, he is undertaking studies of the bald eagles along the northwest coast and working on a Sandhill Crane project. David Hancock is an enthusiastic and dynamic lecturer, as well as a prolific writer.  Some books David has written include, The Bald Eagles of Alaska, BC and Washington and The Tlingit: their Art & Culture.

Presentation Locations & Time:

Saturday & Sunday- Tapadera Estates (Site 2)Tapadera Clubhouse at 1:00pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Saturday –Fraser River Safari (Site 8) – Guest Speaker on board Fraser River Safari Jet Boat Eco Tours ( see below)


Meet at: Kilby Historic Site,  215 Kilby Rd, Harrison Mills BC