Sing along….

“If you like eagles and nature and getting caught in the rain.
If you hate the thought of pollution and have half a brain.
If you love making things better in a fun way, by hosting an event.
We have a committee for you…it won’t cost you a cent.”

The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival Committee is looking for volunteers to join this fun group of nature enthusiasts to help us create our annual festival. Each year the event continues to grow so we need YOU to keep it going.
Drop us an email or visit the website to find out more about the Society. Some of our volunteers come out to monthly meetings and others volunteer during the November festival weekend.

Positions in brief:

PR/Media Relations: -Pretty self explanatory. We just need to make sure we get our message out prior to the event and follow up with the media etc.   Workload = monthly meetings if possible (October and November main months 5 hours )

Exhibitor’s Hall Coordinator– This position would have you working along-side Sharie Conroy. The job entails helping contact the exhibitors prior to the event weekend, help set up the hall and work with Sharie to make sure things go smoothly.    Workload =Including the weekend ~ 30 hours

Festival Weekend Souvenir & Information Table Attendant-  This position would be basically helping set up the main “FESTIVAL” table at Leq’a:mel Hall on Friday 3 hours, a Saturday shift 5 hours and Sunday shift and clean up 6 hours?

Volunteer Coordinator– This position would first organize the upcoming events volunteers based on our data base (and search for new avenues) in September. In November we hold an “information session” each year to arm our volunteers with the basic facts and overview of the festival. The coordinator would be a key position for this and to ensure that each site’s requests for volunteers.  Workload =monthly meetings if possible (September 3 hours, October 3 hours, November 5 hours

If you are interested in any of the above please let us know and please share with anyone. We provide our volunteers with lunch on the Festival weekend, some SWAG of course and we have a dinner in December to celebrate surviving another year!

Harrison volunteer request 2016

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