Attention all eagle admirers.

Yesterday, Fraser River Safari took guests out to witness the awe inspiring return of the bald eagles to the pristine and beautiful Harrison River and Chehalis Flats.

What we witnessed was at first wondrous, however it soon became almost horrifying to many of us.

Yes, the sun was shining and the scenery was spectacular. Yes, there were hundreds if not thousands of eagles in the area, BUT what we noticed was the abundance of river traffic with absolutely no regard for the fact that the eagles are trying to feed and rest on the flats.  KAYAKERS, JET SKIS, JET BOATS and even HELICOPTERS kept leaving the main channel of the river and heading straight for the area on the flats where the eagles were feeding, which caused them to be driven off and disturbed over and over again. All are equally intrusive, in fact kayaks can be the worst unintentional culprits as they mimic predatory movements.

We are telling the world about the amazing gathering of eagles and we want the world to share the experience but LOVE the eagles from a respectable distance, please.

David Hancock of Hancock Wildlife, a renowned eagle biologist will be doing interviews all day today on this subject.

Thank you for caring and please share our story as it takes everyone working together to make a difference.


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