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2013 contest winners:

1st place
by Christian Sasse


About Christian: I was born in London, moved to many countries all over the world and now live near Vancouver, Canada.

My interests in photography and especially eagles started in November 2011. From then onwards I was hooked. In November I went to the Fraser Valley Eagle Festival and was overwhelmed by the nature and density of eagles. During the next months I improved my technique in both photography and image processing. Since I live in White Rock, I am able to frequently contribute to the Hancock Forum as a ground observer with visits to the beach where many eagles can be admired. My friendship with David Hancock and numerous enthusiasts of the Hancock forum has been most helpful and I was able to learn a lot about the behavior of eagles.

My curiosity in photography was also enhanced by my background in astronomy (I own several telescopes) and my PhD in optics.

I photograph everything from the millimeter scale (flying bees in high resolution) to eagles and galaxies as well as quasars billions of light-years away.

2nd place
by Rick Skerry


rickAbout Rick: Rick Skerry was born in the Fraser Valley and grew up enjoying tramping around the bush and exploring the outdoors. He took up photography as a hobby in the 1980s using a Voightlander rangefinder and a Mamiya SLR. Having always loved being out in nature, his interest in photography naturally evolved in that direction.

Rick began to focus on birds during the last four years and his backyard garden has given him unlimited opportunity to observe and photograph them at close range when not out searching for raptors and owls in the wild.
Being a member of APAC (Abbotsford Photo Arts Club) as well as being out in nature learning on the fly helped improve his photographic skills.

Photographing birds in their natural habitat has become the prime focus of his work. Rick now shoots with a Canon and has produced calendars of both backyard birds and birds of the Fraser Valley.


Theme photos from previous Festivals

Below will be profiling the theme photos and photographers from previous Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festivals.

Stay tuned as we update this area.

2012 winners:

1st place by Lauren Nicholl (2012)

About Lauren: For as long as Lauren can remember nature has always been a part of her life. A resident of North Vancouver, BC, she travels around metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley capturing moments in time with her camera.

Her favorite subject to photograph are birds and enjoys having the opportunity to spend time with them watching their fascinating and intriguing behaviors.

Her photograph skills are self taught, striving to improve spending countless hours reading and perfecting her techniques.

Her photographs have been published in Canadian Geographic Collector’s Edition Magazines 2011 Best Wildlife and Best Wild Weather Pictures 2012, as well as Reifel Bird Sanctuary Calendars and Nature in Focus 2010 Calendar.

2nd place by Leonard Jellicoe (2012)

About Leonard: Growing up in Northern Alberta in the 1950′s, Len spent much of his formative years in the outdoors. This led to an early appreciation for nature. Len decided to take up photography as a hobby 5 years ago as he found he was so good at golf no one would play with him. (Just kidding). Being retired it provided an opportunity to keep occupied and an excuse to travel. It also offered an opportunity to combine his passion of bird watching with the camera.

Len is a member of the BC Field Ornithologists and Abbotsford Camera Club (APAC). Many birders record a list of all their sightings while my goal is capture as many species as possible and enter them on my website. They can be viewed at:

A blog of a photographic journey through Western Canada taken during the summer of 2012 can also be viewed here:

The portrait of the eagle was taken at the FV Eagle Festival of 2009.

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