When is the festival?

Next year’s festival is on November 18/19, 2017. The following weekends will host a variety of eagle and salmon inspired events in Harrison Mills, Harrison Hot Springs and of course include many Fraser River Safari Jet Boat Eagle Expeditions.

Where is the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival?

The Festival is an annual event organized by the Mission BC driven FVBEF Society Committee and hugely supported by the District of Mission, Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce and the local businesses and organizations. Now, due to no fault of the City, the gathering of eagles occurs just east of the community in Harrison Mills.  So in short you will find all the activities, sites and enthusiasm from the Mission Information Centre to Kilby Historic Site and everywhere in between.

Is the festival free?

Most of the festival is free. Costs are covered by our sponsors, grants, and the hard work of countless volunteers. See the schedule for more information.

Where do I start?

First Timers – Anyone that has not visited the festival before we suggest beginning the journey at Leq’a:mel First Nation’s Hall (Site #1). There will be a wide variety of exhibitors and information available on hand to plan your festival visits.

Frequent “Flyers” – For those individuals who have been to previous festivals, or prefer to research their excursions and create a more personalized approach, we encourage you to explore the various sites on the schedule. There are many guest speakers that will be presenting during the 2 day event and special eagle expeditions that should be booked prior to the weekend.

Can we bring our dog?

Dogs should not be brought to any of the eagle viewing sites as they may scare the birds away. Most venues also will not allow pets.

How do we get to there?

The quickest route to event is to find you way over to the Mission Information Centre (34033 Lougheed Hwy, Mission) either from the #1 Highway or from the Lougheed Hwy. To get to the “heart” of the event on the Harrison/Chehalis Flats continue to follow the Lougheed Hwy east for approx 30 minutes more.

Should we pack a lunch?

Hot food and drinks will be offered at several of the venues. Leq’a:mel , Tapadera, Kilby. Pretty Estates Resort and Scowlitz First Nation

What do we need to bring?

In keeping with our GO EAGLE GO GREEN theme we suggest that festival goers bring reusable items such as coffee cups & drink containers with them to cut down on waste.

In the event of inclement weather an umbrella and waterproof outer wear is suggested, however there are several venues that are indoors and can be enjoyed in all weather conditions.

Where can I pick up a schedule and a map during the festival?

Schedules and maps are available at the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce and they will also be available at participating venues.

How many bald eagles are in the Harrision-Chehalis area?

UPDATE ** Over the past two years we have noticed a huge increase in eagle numbers. In 2010 we counted 7,362 bald eagles over a 2 km stretch of the Harrison River. Each year up to 1,200 bald eagles return to the Harrision-Chehalis delta as the salmon are running.

Where is the best place to see the most eagles?

The eagles can shift locations from early morning to later in the evening and the “best” viewing spots can change throughout the day. One sure fire way to stay warm and see large numbers of these incredible raptors is by booking on a Fraser River Safari river tour, special expeditions will be running during this weekend and every weekend in November & most of December. For land based eagle viewing there is Eagle Point, Pretty Estates & Tapadera Estates  and Harrison River RV Resort, they all offer great viewing opportunities. For more information refer to the schedule of events.