Fraser River Safari is the official jetboat tours of the FVBEF Contact: Jo-Anne or Rob Chadwick Telephone: (604)-826-7361 Toll Free: 1-866-348-6877 Email: Web:

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Description:   The very best way to get up close and personal to the eagles without disturbing them.   The Safari boat is also climate controlled and heated which offers guests incredible wildlife adventures despite the weather.  David Hancock approved. Pre-booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment .

Where to meet: The rendezvous location will be under the Kilby Train Bridge in Harrison Mills about 400 meters from Kilby Historic Site (down the dead end (no exit)  Kilby Rd)  Harrison Mills). At the Junction of Kilby and Kilby Road continue straight to the gate and walk down the path under the train bridge. We are NOT at the boat launch in the park. Picture directions below.

Prefer to a more exclusive tour, more eagles less people? Choose a weekday tour.


Date Tour Type Tour time Tour duration


Seats Available

or child

Nov 28 Eagle Tours- Enjoy 11:00 60 min Private Sold out
Nov 28 Extended Eagle Tour 12:30 90 min $95 yes
Nov 29 Extended Eagle Tour with David Hancock & lunch  *NT 11:00 75 min Private Sold out
Nov 30 Eagle Tour 10:30 75 min $75           $70 Sold out
Nov 30
Eagle Tour 12:30 75 min $75           $70 yes
Dec 5 Eagle Tour 11:00 TBD TBD yes
Dec 6 With David Hancock and lunch 11:00 75 min $110        $100 Sold out
Dec 6 Eagle Tour 1:00 75 min $75           $70 yes