Before you head out to do some world class eagle watching please note that; although there are many exciting events at various sites from Mission to Harrison Hot Springs,  the HEART of the event and most importantly the eagles are gathered along the Harrison River.

Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival — Eagle Viewing Sites

The following maps outline the viewing sites for the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival including the details of the Chehalis Flats Bald Eagle & Salmon Preserve  — the home of world’s largest gathering of eagles:  2,000 to 10,000 bald eagles during the winter salmon spawning season & 8 nesting pairs in the spring – summer.

On the FVBE Festival Weekend,  November 17 – 18, 2018, ALL the viewing sites are open to the public.


On the following weeks of November, December and through January the other key viewing sites are open:  The Sandpiper Golf Resort Eagle Observatory, the Eagle Point Observatory, and The Harrison River RV Resort plus some roadside viewing along Harrison Bay and at Kilby Provincial Park.  Also note there is often good eagle viewing along Nicomen Slough on Highway #7 east of Mission from Dewdney to Deroche — use extreme caution with the roadside parking.

Fraser River Safari
will be running tours every weekend until the eagles are gone for the season. To find out more about the tours visit the website
With a little luck David Hancock will be guiding on each weekend (sometimes mid-week if bookings demand!)  from mid-November through January onboard the incredible viewing and touring boat of Fraser River Safari Tours.  It is best to book a seat from Jo-Anne  1-604-826-7361 or via Fraser River Safari Tours >>> BOOK NOW

To see a number of incredible eagle images from the Chehalis Flats please go to our Media Gallery.  I look forward to meeting many of you over the Festival weekends and perhaps on the Fraser River Safari Tour boat.

David Hancock

Before you head out for the day check the weather here, as it is November the conditions can range from breezy and wet to chilly with a light snowfall. Also please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our eagle viewing etiquette page.